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Completely Free VIN Check

2 months 5 days ago - 2 months 5 days ago #16742 by lavka
VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) — a unique identification number of the vehicle, which stores important technical information. This is a kind of car passport, deciphering which we can get full information about the car, which is relevant when buying. It is regulated by the ISO 3779-1983 standard. Now 24 countries are part of a group that puts a VIN code on their cars. It must have 17 characters and consist of a numeric-letter designation.
Completely Free VIN Check
This is a later invention. Previously, if you take locally Russian cars, any car that came off the assembly line was marked with two distinctive signs, this was the number on the car body, as well as on the engine. It was these numbers that were very often destroyed by hijackers (cut down, erased, then knocked out new ones). But as a rule, this type of deception could be declassified by any auto expert.
Now there are no such distinctive signs. There is only the VIN number, which is applied to the body and which stores all the information about the car. Until the end of the eightieth year, the code was only seven-digit, consisted only of numbers and was applied to the chassis of the car. However, after the eighties, manufacturers enter a 17-digit code, it already has both numbers and letters. According to the manufacturers, such a 17-digit option determines the history of the car as accurately as possible.
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