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Phishing scams and Institute policy on emailing our Members and Fellows (11 May 2016)

We would like to warn you of a recent and very credible phishing attempt on Institute members.
The Institute’s database security has NOT been breached as it appears that only members who have their email address in the public domain, such as branch committee members with their email address on the Institute or branch websites, have been sent the phishing email and not all members.
The subject of the phishing email is “IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL MEMBERS” and appears to be from Julie Lithgow. It requests the member to click on a link which takes them to a false log in page.
Please do NOT click on this link and delete this email immediately.
Phishing attempts are not uncommon in the shipping industry so we would ask all members to be cautious when opening links in emails.
We will be sending ALL Institute members the attached email warning them of this phishing attempt and posting it on our website.
Please also post the attached message on your local website if your branch has a website.
Due to the timing of this phishing attempt we have decided to post membership subscription invoices to those members that we invoice from head office instead of emailing them as originally planned. Invoices are due out next week.
Please do not hesitate to contact this office if you have any questions or concerns.

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It's your Institute - Have your say!

4 years 2 weeks ago - 4 years 2 weeks ago #4 by Alan Morris
Alan Morris created the topic: It's your Institute - Have your say!
As a Professional/Company Members or Student,
"What do you want from your Institute, either at Branch or the Institute generally?"
Let us have your input!
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4 years 2 weeks ago #5 by Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker replied the topic: STUDENT FORUMS/NETWORK
As a student, what I would find particularly useful would be to have some kind of Student evening, where we could all meet perhaps once a quarter or Bi-annually at branch level. A guest speaker or two, who can talk on topics that have a particular relevance to the subjects that we are studying. Perhaps targeting popular topics i.e. dry cargo chartering or core subjects such as legal. Students could put forward suggestions where they feel that topic would aid their studies. It would also give students the opportunity to network and perhaps create a forum for helping each other with difficult subject areas that others may have experience of. This would be especially relevant to those students who have opted not to go down the tutorship route and have little access to a mentor.

Speakers could also be brought in from fields such as Ship owner/Managers or surveyors to give their perspective views on what is important to them in doing their day to day jobs.

The success of this will depend greatly on location, subject matter and Employers buy in and support.

Food for thought...

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4 years 2 weeks ago #6 by Jonathan Challacombe
Jonathan Challacombe replied the topic: STUDENT FORUMS/NETWORK
Richard has a good point but there are logistical problems in that the branch is so vast.

The number of students in the branch for a year can be counted on one hand and therefore, members of the branch would have to support the presentation as well. in the past branch presentations have been supported by a few numbers.

What we do here in Plymouth is that we attend other professional bodies meetings e.g. IMarEST, Nautical Institute and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Although the talks are not always geared towards ICS subject examinations they are nearly always very topical and current.

But it is asking a lot for students in South Wales to come to an evening session in Plymouth!

However, this does not mean that meetings in South Wales can be arranged as this is where the majority of ICS branch students reside.
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4 years 2 weeks ago #7 by Gabriel Jug
Gabriel Jug replied the topic: STUDENT FORUMS/NETWORK
Hi Kevin

An opportunity to meet, network and discuss issues etc.. is a very good idea. However the difficulty will always be getting enough students, members to attend in order to make it a success.

Jonathan is right there is no reason why we can't do something locally in Wales or the South West and this is something worth looking into. In the meantime remember this forum is supposed to allow members and students to discuss issues make suggestions and ask questions. Helping students with their studies is part of this initiative so if you require any help at any time please use this forum and someone I'm sure will have the answers you require!

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4 years 2 weeks ago #8 by Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker replied the topic: STUDENT FORUMS/NETWORK
Thanks Gab - My thinking behind the suggestion was at the local level, I wasn't particularly clear on that. Perhaps a section within the Forum for students would be useful. Current and ex tutors would then be welcome to dip in and out to give some of their advice on web sites or books etc to point students in the right direction.

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